Day 2: Mondayitis!

It happens once every seven nights.

I close my eyes with great fear.

For soon, the gremlins will appear.

They haunt and tease, taking great delight in my despair.

May be I’ll tell my parents that I’m sick?

Perhaps a day at home will do the trick.

I can only play that game so many times.

As this may lead to a worse fate, a trip to the doctor

It was just a few hours ago that I played with friends.

Now it seems like an oasis, a dream, something only imagined.

All of this seems so unfair,

I just can’t bear.

For I’m haunted by what tomorrow brings.

It’s a Monday!

It’s a new school week.

I’m terrified.

I have Mondayitis!

Inspired by my children

3 thoughts on “Day 2: Mondayitis!

  1. Not sure if I am leaving this comment in the right place, but this is about your Mondayitis poem-
    very fun! You say it was inspired by your children but I read it purely as a teacher’s lament!!!
    Fun to put out a poem- I hope you’ll do a few others 🙂 March has plenty of days…..


  2. I love your poem!
    Personally, I think of writing poetry as too hard and I usually only write formula poems or list poems. Maybe I’ll try poetry this month…you can be my mentor text!


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