Day 11: The Upcoming B’nai Mitzvah

My son and daughter turn 13 in less than a month. In the Jewish tradition that has significance, they are becoming adults. Not exactly adults, they’re not moving out or getting a job, but they are ready to begin becoming leaders in the Jewish community. To mark the occasion, my children are having B’nai Mitzvah in ten days. My children will get called to read from from the Torah during a service and give speeches about preparing for the B’nai. A party for 120+ friends and family will follow the service. The scale of the party feels like a wedding, not a B’nai. Caterer, DJ and dancers, photographer, florists, green screen people, and others have been booked for the occasion.

I haven’t been involved with the planning. Let’s just say that I don’t have the attention to detail that it takes to organize such an event. Fortunately, my wife does. Not to brag, but my wife is brilliant.  I married ‘above my head’. If you haven’t heard the expression before, it means that I married someone who is too good for me. There is no other way to say it.

She is talented and fantastic at most things she does. She invests so much energy in making sure that her family and friends are happy. I could go on and on. For today, I want focus on her amazing organizational skills. To give you a sense of her talents, it is said that god created the world in seven day. It would have been fewer if my wife had been around. Shes that good.  She makes it look so easy. I loose site occasionally of how challenging it has been to organize the party over the last nine months and manage an intense full time career.

Today, I was reminded of the time and effort put into making perfect event for our children. She showed the seating plan, to plan, laying out who is going to sit at what table.  As I asked a few questions about seating choices, I learned quickly that she put a lot of thought into making these decisions. For example, she pointed out that these couples should sit together because the two husbands work in the music industry and the wife’s have similar interests. For another set of people, she told me that they grew up near each other, but don’t know it. On and on it went, every pairing thought out, a story, anecdote or shared interest behind the seating choice. It was amazing. After a few questions, I stopped and asked why she put so much energy into where everyone sits.  She looked at me with surprise and said, “I want to making sure that everyone is happy.”

Yep, I married ‘over my head’.


One thought on “Day 11: The Upcoming B’nai Mitzvah

  1. Terrific post! I married above my head too – thank goodness I had the sense to do at least this. I hope the B’nai goes well, but of course it will with that thoughtful planning. I cannot imagine having thirteen year old twins. Good luck!


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