Day 18: Treatments

My wife and I recently renovated our kitchen.  It was a project we had been hoping to do for years, as the area was incredibly dysfunctional but at the same time, the hub of our house.

When it was finally done, we were thrilled.  The best part were three big new windows on the side of the house that overlooked the back garden.  While the space was no larger, the windows seemed to bring the room right out into the flowers.

Of course then came the question of window treatments. What color?  What style?  We couldn’t seem to come to any agreement, because really, deep down, we didn’t want to cover the windows.  We wanted to keep that bright, open space which brought the beautiful outside in.

That was in the summer, so we decided to wait, figuring that by fall the back yard wouldn’t be as pretty, and we’d come up with a window plan.

When fall came, with all its raging colors, the kitchen was suddenly awash in yellows and reds.  Even on those cold, windy fall days, the outside played with the room in a warm and wonderful way.  Surely by winter, when the trees were bare, we would come up with a plan.

Then came the first snowfall.  The bare, grey trees turned a soft white, and the blanket outside once again seemed to somehow embrace the interior, making us feel cozy and protected.  As the wind blew and the mercury dropped, our windows accentuated just how protected we were from the elements.  We could see winter in all its bitter fury, and yet feel once again embraced by our home.

Now, two days before the official start of spring, we still have no window treatments.  As the buds begin to peak out of the tips of the branches, they taunt us, almost laughing, knowing that once the cherry blossoms erupt, we will put all thoughts of covering our windows away for good.

But then our daughter walked up to the windows, looked out, and said, “When are we ever going to cover up these windows?  I mean how am I supposed to feel comfortable walking around in my underwear?”

My wife opened up the Pottery Barn catalogue and began scanning the pages for shades.


One thought on “Day 18: Treatments

  1. I finally caught a post in time to comment. You captured my thoughts exactly on my home in CA. So when we put the addition on I chose shades that raise that when up didn’t appear! It was great. I too worried a bit about exposure so the shades were necessary because the TV had glare not that it was an underwear issue – It was California after all 🙂 Enjoy your day and the weekend.


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