Day 21: Today’s the day

I can’t believe it’s here.

The planning started nearly two years ago, when we received the date for the kid’s B’nai Mitzvah, March 21, 2015. That’s today! The day has come.

The planning and organizing has become a way of life.  A day hasn’t passed in the last six months where we haven’t had at least a passing conversation. It feels as if this day would never come, just an unattainable circled event on the calendar.

We are just hours away from creating memories that will last my family and I a lifetime. I’m so excited for my family and me.  I’m looking forward to sharing in the coming days.


13 thoughts on “Day 21: Today’s the day

  1. I love the phrased “circled event” on the calendar. For someone like me who hasn’t embraced a digital calendar, that is the image of my calendar! ENJOY and also pat yourself on the back for also taking time to “slice” while this big event is occurring!!!


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