Day 22: Kruel Kale

I used to think eating healthy meant a meal with a vegetable. Then it meant a meal with a vegetable and a salad.  Then it meant a meal made up of a salad with vegetables in it.  Now, it’s kale.

Kale salad, kale smoothies, kale brownies.  Kale.  This wonder food is apparently the answer to all my ailments. Have a cold?  Eat kale.  Feeling weak?  Eat kale. Digestive issues?  Eat kale.  Trouble in my marriage, kale could help…I’m not prepared to write in what way.

And then I read an article about how kale actually has fewer vital nutrients than spinach. Yep, good old fashioned, nasty smelling, Popeye loving spinach.  Spinach may have more nutrients, but it lacks good PR.

It made me think about all the things we are told to embrace today that are really no better than the things we loved when we were kids:  Designer cupcakes.  What if we took out the “designer” ingredient?  Manscaping.  What about a good clean shave?  Social media.  How about a conversation?

Today it’s kale.   When I was a kid, my mom told me to be careful, be a good person and do my homework — in other words, spinach.


4 thoughts on “Day 22: Kruel Kale

  1. I love the perspective in “it lacks good PR.” There ARE so many things like this, and you’ve expanded this with your comparisons to shaving and eating healthy, cupcakes and social media. It gives me so much to think about, about the things we think we “should” be doing.


  2. You promised you would write about Kale- glad to read it!
    Love the light touch and sense of humor in this piece. Love your examples in the next-to-last paragraph. Love how you deal with kale both really and metaphorically.
    Fun piece, well crafted!

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