Day 25: The Great Frog Escape

I was reminded about a funny memory from my elementary school days, so I thought I’d do a quick write. It may serve as inspiration for a realistic fiction story.  We’ll see!

The Great Frog Escape

The traveling zoo was coming to school. This was always one of my favorite days of the school year. Rabbits, birds, snakes were just a few of the slippery, hairy, slimy animals visiting this day. I had no pets at home, so this was one of the few times where I had the opportunity to hold, pet and feed animals.

The birds were chirping, the frogs were croaking and the snakes were hissing.  It was a glorious symphony of animal noise. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the cute little creatures. The pet handlers removed the animals carefully, one by one out of their cage.   However, they forgot to close the receptacle that housed the frogs. The handlers mustn’t have noticed this. It wasn’t until a teacher saw a frog hoping on top of a table. Then a kid started to shout “there’s one on top of a book case.

As teachers and kids became aware, chaos ensued. Everyone was crawling and running around, trying to catch the frogs. Fortunately, the handlers were quick to respond. They calmed the kids and teachers immediately, getting them to sit down. The frogs stood still when everyone calmed down. The handlers corralled the runaway frogs rather quickly. It was as if the animal workers were able to communicate with the frogs without even speaking. It was amazing!


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