Day 26: Earning a Trip to the Principal’s Office

For some reason, my kid’s recent B’nai Mitvah has reminded me about some childhood memories. Many of which I haven’t thought about in years. Yesterday, I wrote the Great Frog Escape, a memory about frogs escaping and causing havoc in my elementary school. You can see it here.

Today, I’m remembering a time when I was, let’s just say, less than by my best self.

I was in third grade. We had music class. My two friends and I dreaded music. It was my least favorite class. We were singing the same songs for weeks.  My two friends and I could not stand another moment. It was so painfully boring that it felt suffocating. We needed to get out. One by one, we asked and were excused to go to the bathroom.

When we met up, we decided to waste time in the bathroom. Crumpling paper towels and shooting them into the basket was a much more fun than boring music. The game’s novelty work off quickly. Being resourceful 8 and 9 year olds, we found a way to make the game more interesting.   We decided to shoot the crumpled up paper towels into the urinal. Of course, this was a more difficult shot, making the game far more interesting.

We found out landing a crumpled paper towel inside the narrow base of a urinal was no easy task. Boredom quickly overcame us because we weren’t making many shots.   We picked up the pace of the game. Instead of shooting the rolled up paper towels, we decided to slam dunk them. We took turns coming up with elaborate dunks. No longer were we dunking in one urinal, but now the game moved to all three that lined the back wall of the boy’s room. The urinals became so full that water started to seep over the urinal onto the floor. Our reaction I’m embarrassed to say was “Cool. Let’s flush the toilets.”

So, we did. We became giddy. With each flush, more water found its way out of the urinal and onto the floor. We were having so much fun. We couldn’t wait to see what would happen next, so we kept flushing.  It wasn’t too long before a fresh coat of water covered the entire bathroom floor. However, our euphoria disappeared when we noticed the water was making its way toward the bathroom door.  The excitement was quickly replaced with another feeling, fear.   We were going to get in so much trouble. We needed to get out of the bathroom, but we couldn’t go back to music. They would know we did it.

So, what did three knucklehead third graders do? We went back into our classroom and hid in the closet.   It was only a few minutes until a very angry teacher found us and escorted my friends and I to the principal’s office.

As I reflect back on that day, I still can’t figure out why I did it. However, thinking about it now, I simply laugh.


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