Day 29: Playing One-on-One with My Son

Due to two significant college basketball games on TV later today, I am going to write a quick post. For those who aren’t basketball fans, the winner of today’s games will play in the NCAA Final Four. While I’m thinking basketball, I want to share a thought I had after playing one-on-one with son this afternoon.

My soon to be 13 year old son and I love watching and playing sports together. Our favorites are really anything with a ball. Baseball and basketball are just a few that we enjoy together.

As I mentioned, we played one-on-one earlier today. I usually don’t play too hard because I still have about a foot taller than him. Most of my shots are taken outside of fifteen feet. While I beat him today, our game was different than the past. His quickness, skill and shooting ability are improving to the point where he is starting to neutralize my height advantage. His advancements combined with the likelihood that he’ll be over 6 feet tall, gave me a glimpse into the future.

I hesitate as I write this. The day is coming…the day is coming when he’s going to beat me (deep sigh!).

As I reflect on this thought, I have mixed feelings. I’m proud that he’s a very good athlete and his performance shows that he’s working to get better. I’m sad because it’s sign that we’re both getting older. While I love watching him have grow and have success on the athletic field, I am reminded his early days playing sports. I have wonderful memories of teaching, coaching and playing sports with him. Seeing him play today, makes me realize that one stage of his childhood and my fatherhood is ending and new chapter is beginning.

All in all, I’m excited to see my son grow as a basketball player, mathematician, writer, historian, and other areas that interest him. I just wish it wasn’t happening so fast.


2 thoughts on “Day 29: Playing One-on-One with My Son

  1. As I read your honest piece reflecting on fatherhood, I was reminded of checking out at the grocery store today. The cashier was talking about coloring eggs with her daughters, age 10 and 12 and I said how I recall those years but now my girls are all grown up. And then I told the cashier, “kids are so great at every age!” And yes, I agree – it all goes way too fast!

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