Day 31: Thank you, fellow slicers!

Dear Fellow Slicers,

Thank you so much for inspiring me to write for thirty-one days. This was the first time that I have taken the challenge or written for so many consecutive days. I’m not sure that I would have written each day if it weren’t for you.   On days when the ideas weren’t flowing as freely, your slices inspired me.   When I posted, I looked forward to your thoughtful and supportive comments. I have enjoyed the experience so much!

While I am looking forward to not having to post tomorrow, I am committing to sharing my writing at least once a week. Finally, I plan to take the challenge again next year.

I look forward to reading your work and your comments next March.


2 thoughts on “Day 31: Thank you, fellow slicers!

  1. Congratulations! You made it! I didn’t think I’d make it when I started, but I’m so glad I did. I love how this community of writers supports each other, encouraging and inspiring. Hope to see you next year and throughout the year.

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